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How to: Promoting your Vaping Business Online

Here’s our simple guide to promoting your vaping business online, whether you’re a local shop, an online retailer or a manufacturer. Google Adwords is often a large part of a businesses online advertising strategy and an important component for small businesses who benefit from low competition local searches, unfortunately however Google list e-cigarettes as a […]

Working hard or hardly working? 3 handy office hacks to get the most out of your day

Psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists use the term “vigilance” to describe the ability to concentrate on a task for an extended period of time –  although we all know this isn’t always easy! In this article we’ll be sharing 3 handy office hacks to help maximise your concentration and make sure you’re performing your best. “The best way to […]

How to set up your Netgems Email Account with Mozilla Thunderbird

This guide will show you how to set up your Netgems email account in Mozilla Thunderbird; Thunderbird is a free email application that is easy to set up and customise. There’s lots of free email applications out there, see our free email app list for other options or download Thunderbird, by visiting and clicking […]

The futures bright: how to make a more productive office space

Could windows, the color green and a bit of light make your business more productive? In the article we’ll be discussing tried and tested ways to create an office space which not only increases efficiency but also creates a calm and productive environment where employees can give their work their best. Young entrepreneur, Benjamin Clark, […]


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