Top 5 yummy/affordable eat out hangover cure breakfasts in Falmouth

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breakfast cafes in falmouth

Good Vibes Cafe (served until 11:30)

Good Vibes Café is a real gem, offering an amazing breakfast menu with organic and free range ingredients. Their hearty and wholesome full English breakfast is a very generous size and packed with flavour (their homemade beans are to die for!). If you’re a vegan or simply fancy a more nutritious alcohol soaker-upper/morning after pick-me-up, Good Vibes offer a vegan full English style breakfast with loads of tasty morsels (slow roast tomatoes, watercress, mushrooms, hummus, chilli avocado just to name a few). Good Vibes also has lush coffee, cakes and pastries if you fancy a little extra. With delicious food, a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff, Good Vibes is a must visit for some great grub after a heavy night out in Mangos and Club!

Pier Café (Served all day)

Recently refurbished Pier café offers an honest breakfast menu featuring the classic traditional English fry up along with other classic breakfast food like bacon and egg sandwiches. They are a must feature for our top 5 as their food is great value and is presented with a classic Cornish café style. Enjoy your breakfast at Pier Café whilst sat outside enjoying the views of Falmouth harbour, Flushing and Mylor.

Wetherspoons (Served until 12)

Not the healthiest or most nutritious hangover-cure breakfast in Falmouth, but at only £3.49 for a traditional English breakfast it will get the job done and save you money for more drinks next weekend! Love or hate spoons, there is no denying their value for money and variety intypes of breakfast food (American style pancakes, bacon and maple syrup… mmm). Cheap and cheerful.

Harbour View

Located at the end of town overlooking the water, the Harbour View is the perfect place to meet up with your pals and set your stomach straight from the night before. With local ingredients at the heart of their breakfast menu, the Harbour View offers a delicious breakfast whilst keeping prices affordable for the scrimping student. With everything on their lush breakfast menu under £6.95 and with plenty to choose from, the Harbour View is a great place to refuel and indulge without making your bank account sad! Enjoy great food at a good price.

Café Strand (Served all day)    

The Café Strand is a paradise for any student on a budget looking for some hearty no nonsense hangover brekky. From bacon sandwiches to the full works, the Café Strand offers one of the cheapest breakfast menu’s in Falmouth, with lovely genuine staff who ensure your food will make you want to come back next Sunday after hitting the town!

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