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Domain Name Dating: Things to Snog, Marry and Avoid When Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for You

So you’re at that point in your business development where you’re looking for the perfect partner to complete your online presence, you’ve tested the water, tried out all the latest apps and websites looking for the ideal match, you may have even bought one or two on a whim one night, but you’re still not absolutely sure that they right for you, we know how you feel.

Finding the right domain name that meets your criteria is a critical part of getting online, after all your website and domain will be with you as long as your business exists and if you get the wrong one it can be costly to change at a later date. That’s why we’ve created this straight forward guide to finding the one; things to snog, things to marry and things to avoid when choosing your domain.

If would rather have Netgems choose your domain or guide you through the process personally please send us an email with some info about your business.

Marry: You should hold on to these with everything you’ve got

Snog: Give them a try if they work for you

Avoid: Just don’t even go there

how to choose the perfect domain name

Things to marry

Here are some of the points you should absolutely adhere to when choosing a domain name for your business.

Lots in common

Make sure that the domain name you choose fits with your businesses brand and audience. If you’re starting a law firm, would you name it Giggle? If you were starting a joke site, would you name it Standard? Even though not fitting may make it “interesting”, it can make your business not look the part. Whether you need to be serious or need to be fun, the name should follow the same path.

Sticks in your mind

Your domain name should be memorable with a catchy title that will resonate in the minds of your customers. People hearing your website address or email should be able to remember it easily and be able to intuitively understand how to spell it, without having to try to remember where the hyphen was or whether ‘to’ is actually a ‘2’. Find out more about how to make your domain name memorable here.

Things to snog

Here are some useful tips that may work for you, but may differ depending on your industry and the individual circumstances of your company.

Keeps it interesting

Interesting names get talked about more. It might be particularly clever, catchy, or elite looking, something that would catch at least some positive attention for its uniqueness. Be careful through – other good qualities can get sacrificed and that “interesting” name could fail in too many other areas.


It’s hard to pinpoint this quality in a name, but certain names are more able to set trends. The most popular video site online, YouTube, set the trend of “tube” to refer to a site with a gallery of posted videos. Other sites have tried imitating the success with tube domains, which only further strengthens the YouTube brand.

Uses the right words

Try using keywords that describe your business and the services you offer. For example, if you’re a glass replacement business, you may want to register or Why this isn’t marriage material? Allthough this is a good idea for some businesses, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use your brand name instead. wouldn’t have the same ring to it if it was called (that ones still up for grabs), and of course doesn’t mention websites.

Just up the road

If your business is local, consider including your city or county in your domain name to make it easy for local customers to find and remember. Example: Why this isn’t marriage material? Being local now doesn’t mean you’re going to stay local, you may want to expand into another area which would certainly put strain on the relationship.

Things to avoid

You should be weary of using a domain name that falls into one of the below categories.

Long, Boring, Forgettable

A good rule to follow is to keep your domain name as short as you can, long domain names are hard to remember and communicate to customers. Keep it short and sweet.

A Special Character

Not the right kind of special character – I’m talking about hyphens/dashes/those annoying little lines. Hyphen domains can be useful for SEO, but in brand domains they heavily lower the quality. As well as lowering the quality they also make your domain harder to remember and to say out loud.

Holds you back

Some small businesses indeed start off with a very limited niche, which isn’t always bad. If that business wants to expand however, they should avoid getting a limiting name. A name targeting dog leashes would be hard to continue using as a full pet store. Having to re-brand later may be costly and lose customers.

Numbers Game

If your domain looks like a phone number, somethings wrong. Replacing words with numbers, like ‘for’ as ‘4’ is outdated and difficult to communicate. If you are intent on using numbers, make sure to also buy the written version of your domain and use a 301 redirect to make sure customers can find your site.

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