Choosing Goals for Your Businesses Online Strategy

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There are lots of opportunities when getting your business online, but with so many options available to you it is easy to spin your wheels and lose focus. Deciding on your goals before getting started can help you stay focused as you begin to navigate the digital world. This article should help you decide on the most important digital goals for you and your business.
Choosing Online Business Goals Netgems

Every business has different goals, knowing what you want to achieve online is a good starting point as it can help you set the right priorities and establish a clear direction. With so many ways digital can help your business, such as, building relationships on social networks, selling your product online, finding new customers or maintaining relationships with customers, it’s important not to get overwhelmed trying to do everything at once.

Start by asking yourself, why do you want to be online? Say you are a local plumbing business, you want to find more customers in your area, you offer a reliable service, but before people can start getting in touch with you, they need to know that you exist. This is an excellent goal to start with and is the case for many small businesses. So let’s start here, our goal is to get the word out about your business in the local area.

One of the first things you may start doing is listing your business in local online directories, such as Yell so that when people look for plumbers in their town, on search engines or Google Maps your business will show up and your customers can leave reviews to show you are a trustworthy tradesman.

The next thing you will want to do is to build a website to share information about your business to help customers decide to contact you, this information could be things like your operating times, contact details, where you work, your prices and the services that you offer.

You’d also be smart to set up social media pages on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter linking back to your website, to help customers share and interact with your business, you could post photos of recent work and share glowing testimonials or post special offers and deals to your local community.

As you start to see results and more people become aware of your business and what you do, your goals may naturally evolve, you might want to change your focus towards turning visitors into paying customers or building on your brand image, you could also add new features to your site things like online call out scheduling, or maybe a review section, or a team page to create a friendly personal touch. You could start investing in pay per click advertising with Google Ads or sponsored posts on your social media. Where ever you are now, your goals will change and develop as your business grows.

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