Going Digital: Guidance for Small Business Owners

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The world has embraced all things digital since the birth of the internet and there is no sign of it slowing, it’s changed everything from the way we shop to how we meet people. The internet is a part of almost every aspect of our lives and as business owners the digital world is too important to ignore or neglect. Here we will briefly discuss how many people are online, how they are spending their time and how to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by this still booming digital trend.
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It’s probably not news to you that over the last 17 years internet usage has exploded, in 2000 about 361 million people were online worldwide and in 2017 there are over 3.7 Billion. That’s more than half the world’s population, but if you’re in a British town like me, you would be hard pressed to find one person who doesn’t access the internet in some capacity.

On average people spend over 1,900 minutes per month online, that’s over 30 hours, so what are they doing with all that time and how can your business tap into this opportunity? Many of these digitally connected people are shopping. In 2013 the total in online sales for both goods and services in Europe was 364 billion euros, online video has also seen massive growth via websites such as Netflix and YouTube and people are spending hours socializing and sharing; nearly a third of their time spent online is on social media sites. As time goes on people will continue to use the Internet in even more ways that will impact your business.

If you’re a business owner, all these people doing all these things online presents a huge amount of potential for you and in this guide, I will outline simply, practically and clearly the ways in which your business can use digital successfully. I’m not going to be explaining how to come up with the next Facebook or Youtube, but rather how any small business owner, whether you’re a Plumber, Lawyer or Beekeeper can make the internet work for you.

On Getting Started

What Are The Real Opportunities for Small Businesses
Digital has completely transformed our daily lives in a huge number of ways, but practically, how does this impact you as a business owner?

Getting Your Custom Domain & Email
A successful, credible business starts with a custom domain name – Why Branded Email Addresses for Businesses Matter and How you Can Get Yours Set up.

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name
Finding the right domain name that meets your criteria is a critical part of getting online, after all your website and domain will be with you as long as your business exists and if you get the wrong one it can be costly to change at a later date. That’s why we’ve created this straight forward guide to finding the one.

Setting Your Digital Goals

Deciding on your goals before getting started can help you stay focused as you begin to navigate the digital world. This article should help you decide on the most important digital goals for you and your business.

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