Tradesmen: How Does Your Website Measure Up?

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Don’t Lose Out Because of Bad Design

Everybody knows how important a website is for small local businesses. With this year marking the final edition of Yell’s Yellow Pages ahead of its full transition onto the web, the time has come to ensure that your website is built on solid foundations.

Being easily accessible on the web is fundamental in maintaining your brand awareness, credibility and efficiency. Even if recommended by word-of-mouth, there is a high likelihood that potential clients will search for you on Google, check reviews and browse your services ahead of calling. A good website reflects care, commitment and professionalism, and is just as important as the work you take pride in offering.

After researching tradespeople’s websites across the UK, we identified where most fall short. If your website fulfils any of the following criteria, it may be time to give it a new lick of paint.


It’s Not Mobile-Friendly

A site is considered mobile-friendly if it readjusts for easy use on phones and tablets. Unfriendly sites are challenging to navigate and can decrease your potential to seize mobile-using customers. In Clutch’s 2017 survey, 79% of small business owners claimed that their sites were mobile-friendly. Is your site in the 21% that doesn’t? With the proportion of webpages served to mobiles even surpassing that of desktops (Google, 2016), it has never been more important to ensure that your site is accessible to everyone.


No Clear Call-to-Action

Does your site clearly show customers what to do, or where to view your services? If potential customers need to sift through masses of text to find your contact details, they’ll be put off. Make sure your phone number, email address, and any other contact details are clearly displayed to ensure that people know how to get in touch.


Outdated Design and Information

As a tradesperson, we appreciate that you may not want intricate and unnecessary details flying around the page. However, a website with a no-nonsense approach still needs to be clear, easily navigable, and not read like a textbook. It is likely that a customer will see your site before your work, so keeping it fresh will put you ahead in securing the job.


Broken Links

Do all your links function as they should? If not, you could be in trouble. Broken links that lead to nowhere can affect your ranking on search-engines, so be sure to address these before falling behind your competitors in Google’s pecking order.


Lack of Trust-Building Efforts

A section on your site showing previous work alongside customer testimonials is great to gain the confidence of the public. Research has shown 72% of consumers to feel greater trust towards a local business after reading positive reviews online, so get that portfolio together and show why customers should pick you for the job.

How much will it cost?

Investing in a high quality professionally designed responsive website shouldn’t break the bank, but it’s also worth noting that going down the cheap and cheerful route will not do you any favours. Netgems specialise in creating unbeatable websites for tradespeople in the UK. We’ve been building, managing and hosting small business websites at affordable prices for years; achieving amazing results allowing local business owners and sole traders to make the most out of their area.

If you’re looking to give your site that modern touch that means you will stand out from competitors in your town, now couldn’t be a better time; we’re knocking £200 off any website plan for tradespeople. Just pick up the phone and give us a call on +44 7503 217 134 or email us at We’ll help you choose the perfect plan to suit your needs.

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