Unique Cakes by Yevnig Launch New Website

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Luxurious Artisan Wedding Cakes and Creating a Website to Match: Building the new Yevnig.com for 2017

Last week marked the launch of yevnig.com, arguably one of Netgems most ambitious sites to date.  Unique Cakes by Yevnig provides a luxury service to an exclusive clientele; catering mostly for weddings but also VIP special occasions and birthdays. Their company slogan “For When It Has To Be Perfect” helped set the tone for the website, and it was important to both parties that the online presence of Unique Cakes by Yevnig was representative of the first class service they provide.

Unique Cakes by Yevnig has come a long way since it was founded in 2013. They developed their first website mainly in-house and, while it fulfilled the company’s needs at the time, Yevnig and her team began to feel the outdated brochure-like site no longer did justice to their work. In 2017, award winning and catering for some of the most prestigious venues in London and the South East, Yevnig felt the time was right to outsource the online aspects of their business: a decision that led them to approach Netgems.  Their main objectives were to improve search engine performance, improve the “richness” and visual appeal of the site and increase the number of customers attracted online.

Netgems and Unique Cakes by Yevnig collaborated closely from the beginning to achieve these aims and ensure the website accurately reflected the luxury nature of Yevnig’s brand. From the beginning it was apparent the website was going to be largely image based; populated with wonderful professional photography. To display the cakes to their full potential and achieve a sleek, modern look, the background colours were kept simple and the site pulls-together an understated ensemble of white, gold and muted greys.

Unique Cakes by Yevnig are a high end company not only because of the quality of their products but also because of the bespoke service they provide. Yevnig herself meets with the couple as early as possible to explore their preferences before an indulgent tasting session and in-depth discussion of their personal styles. She takes into account every aspect of the wedding – from architecture, to bouquets, to stationery and bridal gown choice – inspiration for a cake which is every bit as individual as the couple themselves. After the initial consultation Yevnig continues to liaise closely with the couple and their wedding planner right up until the big day – even attending the event preparation herself to ensure the finished product is presented exactly as envisioned.

With so many possibilities available, and such a comprehensive service provided, Netgems had to find a way to display this wide variety of information without confusing website users. While not particularly technically challenging, the difficulty presented itself in compiling a site which is information rich but also aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate – especially on smaller mobile devices.

After experimenting with a few possibilities, Netgems opted for a scrolling design with anchor links that help to spilt the site into a few discrete categories, making for intuitive use. Where necessary, text-based pages were helped with sticky navigation bars and distinct ‘back to top’ buttons. These changes make the site much more user-friendly; helping them find the required information as quickly as possible.

The labour-intensive nature of their service means Unique Cakes by Yevnig typically only focus on one commission at a time –probably helping to account for their glowing testimonials and how to display these testimonials to best effect was one of the challenges Netgems faced. Eventually, after some experimentation, Ben at Netgems decided to use a simple grid based layout: each review linking to its respective cake with Yevnig’s description also included.

When both Unique Cakes by Yevnig and Netgems were satisfied, a preview of the site was sent to a selection of clients and their feedback requested. While overwhelmingly positive, the responses were invaluable in providing an insight into the user experience, and several changes were made accordingly. Both Netgems and Unique Cakes continue to be open to further comment.

Unique Cakes by Yevnig and Netgems are both delighted with the final website; poised perfectly on the balance of clean, modern functionality and old-fashioned class. The companies look forward to working together in the future; both are particularly interested in exploring the opportunities presented by social media and where it could take them. For now, however, Yevnig describes the new site as her “art gallery” and it’s certainly one to be proud of.

A word from Unique Cakes by Yevnig:

The 2017 re-launch of the ‘Unique Cakes by Yevnig’ was accomplished by Netgems, including a full re-branding of our online presence. We were very impressed with the service and quality of final product offered by Netgems and have built a strong partnership with them, through their consultative and flexible approach. Ambitious, personal and above all – professional. Thoroughly recommended.

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