Why I Chose Transparent Website Design Pricing Over Secretive

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More often than not website design companies won’t display their prices on their websites. This may be the case for a few reasons; encouraging customers to speak to a human being who can move the sale forward, offering such complex services that they feel it wouldn’t make sense to standardise pricing options or maybe they are expensive and don’t want to put prospects off.
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To be clear some projects that come to us are quoted individually if they do not qualify for one of our predetermined pricing options but for the most part I chose to display prices for Netgems built websites clearly on the netgems product pages. In this short article I will explain why…

Customer Confidence
Unexpected costs in website design are an extremely common and can take business owners by surprise. When a business comes to Netgems I want them to know exactly what the invoice balance will be right from the start and to know exactly what they are getting for their money. Clearly defined prices gives our clients peace of mind, knowing they can afford the website and that they will not be hit with an unexpected expense that stagnates progress. We’ve written more about the importance of clear pricing.

Publishing our prices also clears the way for potential customers, who want to do their own research and to buy when they have made a decision. These silent prospects will lose confidence if they can’t find any pricing information on your website, and quite often they will assume that what you’re selling is too expensive and look to your competitors for an alternative.

Extra Work
We mainly work with small businesses looking for a professionally built brochure style websites, we have a clear target market and they’re needs to not differ massively. We can therefore offer set prices based on what we know to work. Quoting each client individually would waste our time and the clients.

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